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Preventative Maintenance

Our team would like to assess your current preventative maintenance program and provide recommendations on optimizing the program. If you don't have one we will tailor one for you based on your needs.

24 Hours Emergency Service

Give us a call 1-778-991-3277 in case you got emergency we will be glad to assist you.

Installation & Commissioning

We will install new equipment as per CSA standards and provide commissioning report on it. Or we can provide report on conformity with standards of your existing equipment.


Felt behind on your maintenance routing no problem, we will provide fully licenced and highly skilled technicians to complete any outstanding work at your facility. Contact us for complete preventative maintenance package that is tailored to your needs.

Thermographic scanning

With help of thermography we can identify issues that are not visible to the naked eye, like, cold spots, heat loss, overheating of electrical equipment, poor or bed contact, disbalanced load.

Industrial Automation

We provide wide range of industrial automation services, complete life-cycle services: design, execution, service & maintenance, calibration and validation.


How We Add Value to

We understand the challenges these industries face today: the need to reduce operational costs, maximize uptime and optimize maintenance efficiency. We offer a range of solutions and services, but we believe in one approach: integration. Integrated solutions deliver economies of scale, flexibility of response and innovation in thinking. They minimize interruptions and downtime. They cut the number of suppliers you need, with all the associated administration. And they lead to safer working practices and environments.


Safety First

We value safety as our first priority. Our goal is nobody gets hurt and we strive for it by utilizing industry best practices and constantly upgrading our knowledge.

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